1.   Halter - Pony
2.   Halter - PeeWee
3.   Halter - Gelding*
4.   Halter - Mare*
5.   Lead Line (6 & Under)

6.    Walk-Trot*
7.    Western Pleasure*
8.    Gaited Pleasure *
9.    Poles * 
10.  Barrels*

Halter ~ Pony, Gelding, Mare:  Fairly straight forward, halter the horse and lead it into the arena as directed by the Judge. Mare or gelding can only be shown in one halter class.
Lead Line:  This is for the younger riders (6 and under).  A youngster rides in on the back of a horse that's being led in by someone else.
Walk/Trot:  The rider enters the arena and walks or trots, as directed by the Judge.
Gaited, and Western Pleasure:  Involves riding around the arena at varying speeds as directed by the Judge.
These are the TIMED EVENTS.  Penalties against the times are acquired for broken patterns, etc.
Poles:  There are 6 poles in the arena.  The rider goes straight to the end of the last pole, circles arount it, and then weaves back and forth around the poles back toward the other end, circles again and re-weaves through the poles, rounding the end pole again and coming straight back toward the timer line.
Barrels:  3 barrels are arranged in the arena.  The rider crosses the timer line, rounds the first barrel from the far side, circles around (crossing the path) to the second barrel, rounding it from the far side, and then crosses over that path again to go around the end barrel from the far side and returns back to the timer line.
*Divided into five classes (pony 54" & under, peewee, youth,teen, senior)
~Walk Trot entrants may not also enter Western Pleasure on the same horse.