Construction of the cookshack and remodeling of the announcer's stand were completed in 1998.  In the spring of 1999, additional holding pens and bucking chutes were installed.  A roping chute was installed in 2000, and new fencing was begun down the sides of the arena.  Water lines were replaced and frost-free hydrants were installed along the side of the arena.
On March 25, 1963, the club registered with the State of Missouri as a Not-For-Profit Corporation.  The first Board of Directors registered with the state were Hubert Cantrell, Charles Carney, Louis Loughridge, A.E. Keeney, Fred Ettleman and Howard Chrisco.
On March 19, 1969, the club obtained 10.42 acres of land from E. J. and Ellie Snodgrass.  On September 30, 1969, the Rolla Saddle Club began receiving water services from the Public Water District.  Holding pens were constructed in 1969.  The club was then able to hold their functions at the present location and no longer at the fairgrounds.  Most of the club facilities were constructed in the late 1960's and early 1970's.  In 1991, the present holding pens were constructed and in 1992 bathrooms were constructed.
During 2001, we were able to complete our arena and remove all the old wire fence.  The south end of the arena now contains two holding pens for cattle.
In 2002, new lights were installed on 4 of our 6 arena poles giving us better lighting for the night events.
In 2003 we added more lighting.

In 2004 we hauled in tons of sand for the arena.   We also extended the roping boxes to regulation size and replaced our roping chute.

In 2006, the club graveled under the bleachers, replaced the barbed wire fence along Highway E side with a steel tubing fence.  We also built a new Crow's Nest with the help of our sponsors.

This brings the Rolla Saddle Club grounds and facilities to its present state!
Rolla Saddle Club History
The following history is a compilation of the history of the club as told by Mabel Carney and Richard and Fredine Clayton.  

In 2007, we added more sand to our arena and leveled the far end.  We replaced boards on our bleachers and replaced arena light poles and lights.  The Sign-up booth was also remodeled and up-graded.

2009--increased the size of the cookshack and enclosed the patio area.

2013--We replaced part of the bleachers with aluminum and replaced boards on the rest of the bleachers.

The first shows were held at the Rolla Fairgrounds on Hwy 63 South. Charles Carney was believed to be the first president of the club. Coleen Arthur made the first flag. Some of the early members were Louis Louthridge, Lloyd and Velma Williams, the Sands family and the Carney family. Early meetings were moved from the KP Hall to the Carpenters Hall in Northwye. Meetings were held at the Carpenters Hall until sometime around 1998.